Tseda Trading plc imports construction materials and distribute it among users of the country. Quality items are imported from our long term, reliable suppliers in Turkey, where quality construction materials emerge from.

Some of our highly trusted suppliers are:

Tseda Trading’s materials are always appreciated, high quality materials that meets the demands of the users.


Tseda Trading plc is not only Wholesaler; but also retailer. Our customers Range from small construction workers to Major private contractors and Government sectors.

We provide Retailing service as good as the wholesale.


Tseda Trading as a wholesaler is known by many, trusted within the society, for it has provided quality service for over a decade.

Our customers are the major private contractors of local and international origin. Tseda Trading also distributes to other Retailers.

Tseda Trading is keen in making every effort to satisfy its customers, with availability of stock at all times.

Real estate

Real Estate is one of the business Tseda Trading is expanding to. Tseda trading currently owns a Ware House at Kaliti, two seven story commercial buildings located at 22 mazoria and CMC road that are available for rent and an upcoming six story commercial building which is currently our biggest project, also Located at CMC. We are looking to expand more in the real estate sector and we are currently in preparation to launch the construction of another seven story commercial building at bole, the heart of Addis.